Dry Body Oil | Skin Gloss


For luxurious radiant skin!

Treat yourself to a luxurious body oil that instantly nourishes, improves elasticity, and fights free radicals to provide more glowing, youthful skin.

Easy spray nozzle allows you to apply a thin layer onto clean, damp skin. Massage upwards to stimulate blood flow.

Ingredients: cold pressed apricot seed oil, grapeseed oil, safflower oil, golden jojoba oil, organic pumpkin seed oil, vitamin E. Unscented rosemary extract to assist with preservation.

Fragranced with either vanilla essential oil or a naturally made, plant derived synthetic free fragrance oil.


4.0 oz  | 118mL

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Vanilla Bean, Warm Argan, Peach Mango, Pure Lavender, Lush Rose, Cashmere


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