*NEW* Mens Natural Cologne Oil


Tired of spraying synthetic chemicals on your skin, but still enjoy the occasional cologne? Well look no futher!

These cologne pens are perfect for just that little touch of fragrance, created naturally for those incorporating a non-toxic, cleaner lifestyle.

Created with all-natural plant/flower distillates, the only ingredients are organic MCT coconut oil and 100% natural fragrance oil. You can read more about these NEW all natural fragrance oils, and how they differ from essential oils here.

Each scent is packaged into a beautiful glass bottle, with stainless steel roller ball:

*Salty Waters | Coconut, sea grass, minerals, rosemary, thyme.

*Palo Santo | Woodsy, cedarwood, palo santo, argan.

*Rich Nectar| bergamot, nectarine, peach, mandarin, lavender, violet, and spearmint.

*Black Amber | Subdued citrus, argan, vanilla, lavender. Tones of sandalwood, frankincense, and myrrh.

Packaged in a gold box with label.

0.33oz | 10mL

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Rich Nectar, Palo Santo, Salty Waters, Black Amber


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