Vegan Superfood Face Oil | Restore


Treat yourself to the luxury of skin-loving face oils!

These oils have been specifically formulated to provide all-natural benefits to your skin, depending on skin type. No fillers, no chemicals, and no preservatives. Very concentrated and high-quality ingredients are used especially for your skin.

Each batch is hand-poured without preservatives. Chemical-free, cruelty-free.

Choose from three options:

  • GLOW: Best for combination skin.
  • SUPERFRUIT: Best for dry/mature skin.
  • RESTORE: Best for complex/sensitive skin.

Restore has been specially formulated with oils only having comedogenic ratings of 0-1. This means that they should not clog pores if used properly.

Ingredients for Restore:
Grapeseed oil | antimicrobial & antioxidant. Vitamins E and C, & proanthocyanin to help even skin tone & neutralize free radicals.
Hemp seed oil | reduces irritation caused by acne, anti-inflammatory. Regulates oil production, slows signs of aging.
Rose hip seed oil | Vitamin C helps with oxidative damage. Brightens, tightens & locks in moisture. Stimulates collagen.
Prickly pear oil | high omega-6 & omega-9 fatty acids. Rich in amino acids, vitamin K. Helps to promote collagen & elasticity.
Tea tree + Sweet orange essential oils | minimizes pores & breakouts. Anti-bacterial, reduces sebum.
Turmeric powder | curcumin moisturizes & neutralizes inflammation.
Vitamin E | promotes healing, hydrates, reduces fine lines.

Massage 2-3 drops onto clean damp skin. Follow your normal skincare routine thereafter. Discontinue use if irritation is observed.

1.0oz | 28g   –  Tester sizes now available

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