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This listing is to reserve a PRIVATE DIY PARTY/EVENT with Scrub Studio Soaps!

Once this deposit is submitted, it is non-refundable.

Private DIY events can be held at the home or at Cordially Phoenix, 7th Ave & Bethany Home.

Details of the event will be confirmed upon confirmation of date!

5 reviews for BOOK A DIY PARTY!

  1. Zoe

    The class was fun and insightful. I love my perfume oil, best smell from it, and am trying not to use it all up in one sitting

  2. PJ Williams

    Attended a Make your own natural fragrance class. It was WONDERFUL. I love perfumes/oils/fragrances and it was wonderful to learn about the different natural derived scents as well as how much the perfume/fragrance industry is unregulated so they can put virtually anything into a lot of the beauty and fragrance products on the shelves. She provided us with a great variety of scents to mix and make our own perfect all natural fragrance. She had these cute little Arabian oil bottles or roller ball bottles. I picked the roller ball container. It was so fun sniffing all the oils and trying to find your favorite combination. She also had natural glitter and various dried flowers/herbs to add to our concoctions. I would make a new scent weekly if I could! Great experience. Tailored exactly to your scent preferences.

  3. Jamie Prins (verified owner)

    I hosted a perfume oil class at my home for 8 people and it was super fun! We varied in age from high school to 50 years and all enjoyed. Being able to craft a personal scent then enhance it with crystals or florals and pick your bottle made it even more personal for each. Laura provides enough information to set you up for success and guides you or advises as you work thru mixing scents. I can’t wait to try another class of hers!

  4. Cindie

    Laura is an impressive professional who knows how to teach, create amazing products and make sure what we do is healthy. The perfume I made with Laura’s assistance smells wonderful. Our entire group laughed, learned and created.

  5. Annette Tanori

    Laura is amazing. She is knowledgeable about the products used and take the time to educate in the class. The presentation was visually beautiful and super creative. The class was fun and relaxing and I love my perfume oil. Highly recommend!

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