Protect My Pet | Collar Charms


Add some special energy for your pet’s collar with these beautiful collar charms created by SG Sparkle.

Each real gemstone is attached to an adorable matching sparkly paw and silver angel wings.

  • Amethyst | Purple | protect, heal, relax
  • Blue Apatite | Dark Blue | relax, heal, reduces fear
  • Green Tigers Eye | Green | bravery, strength, protection
  • Pink Tigers Eye | Magenta | confidence, power, clarity
  • Cherry Jade | Red | grounding, lucky, reduces fear
  • Rose Quartz | Light Pink | love, compassion, peace
  • Teal Apatite | Light blue | health, confidence, peace

Just shy of 3 inches in length. Packaged in a glassine bag for protection.


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Amethyst, Blue Apatite, Green Tigers Eye, Pink Tigers Eye, Cherry Jade, Rose Quartz, Teal Apatite


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